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A community for furries with Asperger Syndrome
There seem to be a fair number of people in the furry community out there who either think they have, or have been diagnosed with, Asperger Syndrome. This group is to allow them to discuss their experiences within furry and without, and how AS may have affected those experiences.

Membership in this group is only for those who believe they have AS, whether self-diagnosed or via a professional diagnosis. It is also primarily directed at those who have had some contact with the furry subculture/community/fandom. If you're unsure what I mean by that, it's not you. If you're curious, feel free to look around. I may post a few selected links with basic information or write up yet-another-intro-to-furry at some later date.

Anyone is welcome to watch the group and interested parties are encouraged to comment on public posts. 'Friends-locked' posts in this community will only be visible to other group members, and should be used for discussions where just their feedback is specifically desired.

This group is an all ages group; adult topics may be discussed behind cuts, but please be aware that there may be minors reading. Don't post or comment with something too explicit for such a setting. If you're ambivalent, feel free to contact toranin and discuss your proposed post ahead of time.

Group Rules:

These rules are likely to be updated, but here's the basics.
  1. Be Supportive: Advice, constructive criticism, and debate are acceptable, but insulting people in the group is not.
  2. Be Responsible: Having AS is hard, but this group is not a source for new things you can blame on your pet syndrome. If you're not looking for solutions to the problems that your AS presents you with...maybe you need to change your approach.
  3. Use Cuts: label and use LJ cuts for any and all of the following: adult/not-safe-for-work content, extremely long posts, large images.

All of these rules involve judgment calls; anyone obviously making an effort to follow them will receive the benefit of the doubt.